Mission & Leadership

Our Mission

The Domestic Abuse Family Shelter, Inc. (DAFS) is a private, non-profit United Way Agency that serves victims of domestic abuse and their children. Temporary Shelter allows victims to escape violent situations in their homes through a variety of services, including individual and group counseling; and provision of information, referrals, and placements. DAFS offers support and self-esteem groups for survivors. DAFS is active in eleven counties in hopes of heightening public awareness and educating the public about domestic violence. DAFS also offers non-residential counseling and Case Management to the survivors of domestic violence. This service enables an individual to keep in contact with the agency while also promoting newfound independence. In addition, DAFS offers Victim Advocacy and Batterer’s Educational Groups.

Our Leadership

Martha Brewer, President

Joy Lubritz, Vice-President

Barbara Parker, Secretary

Joy Ulland, Treasurer

William King

David Tisdale

Mary Ann Stevens

Mark Thornton

Cathy Gersh

Carla Kyzar

Jerra Runnels

Diane Shoemake

Ashley Perkins

Rebecca Stewart, Executive Director